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Air Sample Testing and Mold Remediation Not Done Correctly

This video shows a post remediation walk through and post remediation air sample test I was conducting at a property in which the homeowner had another remediation company do the remediation throughout the home. Unfortunately, this remediation was not done correctly or completely. As you can see in this video, there is still visible mold growth throughout different areas of the home. Additionally, I got the post remediation air sample test results back… and go figure, it failed the clearance test.

On any remediation project, regardless of the types of contaminate, the process you take to complete the project is critical to its success and to prevent cross contamination into unaffected areas of the building. On any remediation project, the entire affected area needs to be decontaminated to remove all contaminants from the area and prevent cross contamination or recontamination. This was not done on this project.


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At this point, the remediation company who conducted the remediation needs to return to do the mold remediation over again, decontaminate the affected areas correctly, and now decontaminate the entire home from top to bottom due to the potential of cross contamination from not doing the remediation right the first time.

Please, if your going to have remediation services done in your home or building, please make sure the job will be conducted per IICRC S520 mold remediation standards by a licensed, certified, and insured remediation company.

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