Video Walkthrough

Commercial Asbestos Abatement Project Walk Through

This video is a pre abatement walk through of a commercial asbestos abatement project. This project is an assisted living facility that was built long before 1978. Properties built prior to 1978 that have not been renovated are likely to contain lead and asbestos. In this case, there are two apartments with one adjoining wall. This one adjoining wall has asbestos insulation behind the drywall and plaster. We will remove this adjoining wall and remove all the asbestos insulation, and decontaminate the two apartments. Once we are done with our abatement and decontamination, the maintenance staff at this facility can rebuild the area and finish the creation of one big apartment area instead of two small apartments.

On any remediation project, regardless of the types of contaminate, the process you take to complete the project is critical to its success and to prevent cross contamination into unaffected areas of the building. On any remediation, restoration, mitigation, or abatement project, the entire affected area needs to be decontaminated to remove all contaminants from the area and prevent cross contamination or recontamination.

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